A letter to my inner self; I’m sorry

Too many times in my life I sacrificed myself for others. I am not saying this is wrong. I am not saying this is bad. I am saying that doing so took a lot from me; emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. We all have scars from our selfless sacrifices. I am not alone in this pain. You are not alone. Continue to help. Continue to love. Continue to serve. Continue to hope.

3 thoughts on “A letter to my inner self; I’m sorry

  1. I am the same way, and I find it weird yet awesome at the same time that there is others out there like that. I have a big heart and know a person or not, I genuinely put others before myself. I do not allow my own battles or wounds hinder someone else but I will use those experiences to potentially help someone else avoid the hurt and discomfort that I had to endure to get that experience. I can’t explain nor express the feeling, and regardless of how bad my boat sinks, I won’t change who I am because helping people is what I live for.

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