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RIP to the Bad Boy rapper who later joined the Christian Ministry

They say your college days will be filled with some of your best memories. I am fortunate to say that sentence applies to myself. The whole Bad Boy Family movement was the soundtrack to my life and if the Bad Boy catalogue was my album then Craig Mack’s Flava In Ya Ear was the song they played with the beginning credits.

From the countless days rollin in the 96 Toyota Celica with my roommate Vinnie, while we got lost in upstate New York to dorm parties with my future wife Jhen; the sounds of the Coca Cola bottles forever ringing.

Soon after all the success in Hip Hop, Craig was suddenly nowhere to be seen. He later popped up in South Carolina as a man of God. You can read more about his story here.

Thank you Puffy for the sounds of our college days and #RIP to the first one out of the gate for Bad Boy… #CraigMack

I am done driving this bus

I am sharing this because i know that a lot of you are going thru this as well.  A lot of you are just as confused as I am about “What God wants me to do”.  I read your comments and emails and all your questions.  Its hard cause the questions you ask are questions i have myself.

My life has taken some turns and for the most part it has been exciting and fun.  This part of my life isnt so much.  I am scared and confused.  How did i go from ‘what i prayed for’ to  ‘an opportunity presents itself’ to ‘hey guess what something big could be on the way’.  Its frustrating because i thought i was already at a place where God wants to use me.  But now i can be pulled to two different place…Where do i go…What do I do?  I am beginning to lose sleep over this.

After speaking with a childhood friend and my wife and asking for prayers, I am just as confused as ever.  I then had a breakthrough! I GIVE UP!!!!! I GIVE UP TRYING TO FIGURE OUT WHAT God WANTS OUT OF ME!  I give up trying to put the pieces together.  I give up trying to “make moves” so that something will happen.   I give up and will now let God completely take control.

Whether i stay where i am, go somewhere else, do what what i am doing now, create something new with a new opportunity, or even revert back to life before 2013 and the hectic schedule of a family business…i will just “fall” into place knowing that this is what God had planned all along. -PJSLB