Past Prayer Request

A Christian cannot be alone.  We are created to be around other and to be there for one another in good times and in bad.  Same goes for prayer as the Bible says.

Past Prayer Request:

4/1/22 – Family matters and concerns by AP Virgo

12/31/21- COIVD symptoms for Gina P.

12/31/21- COIVD symptoms for Shanice S.

12/31/21- COIVD symptoms for Ben M.

12/31/21- COIVD symptoms for Nancy S.

12/31/21- COIVD symptoms for Ryanna O.

12/31/21- COIVD symptoms for Aimee M.

12/31/21- COIVD symptoms for Salena S.


02/12/21- Back in 2016 I considered dying but I didn’t make a plan because I thought their was hope(and because of extreme stubbornness) but then in 2018 I nearly died. Now I’m thinking maybe I should have. Should have ended things before then. I should of made a plan in 2016.. strange thing is I only really considered it once.. I remember thinking things were hopeless many many times but I didn’t consider dying very much..

03/30/20- Please, pray brotherhood and sisterhood of the Cross for mine expedition as an artist. I seek to be a consummate, copacetic, and timely artist in my time with my studies for a new career in life. But I’m starting out, not yet in art school, so it’s a narrow place in a sense to learn everything so I can make earnings from it someday. I shouldn’t quit even if I’m trying to ken, or get it deep on the lofty information…

10/22/19 – prayers needed for CP. He has suffered a second heart attack in just two years.  He is also a Veteran.

09/10/19 – prayers needed for SBB. She suffered a heart attack and is currently in ICU

09/10/19 – BG asks for prayers for his mother in law who is suffering from cancer.

08/13/19 – I need prayers for my son who went into a diabetic coma and is currently in ICU.  What kills my wife and i is that we are about 200 miles away and driving to his University.  Please pray for healing and comfort for my wife and I. MO

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08/08/19 – Hello! I’m not part of your community, but may I please ask for prayers?

Please pray for Grants soul to be deeply healed, so that the idols in his life and veils from his eyes are removed, so he can now come into salvation through the necessary circumstances that it takes for him to encounter Father God, speedily.

Please pray for Hough, Cynthia, and their daughter Cassandra for salvation and for the veils of the eyes of their understanding to be lifted and all the idols in their lives fully removed, so they can know, embrace, walk in the truth of Jesus and so that God’s purposes can come through their lives.

Most importantly, Praise God that all of the people in these prayers now know and walk with Jesus!

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08/01/19 –  ESAB needs prayers as he is going though health issues along with life struggles.

07/01/19 –  RAC is asking for prayers for his eldrely mother.  She is having a hard time getting around.

06/25/19 –  CDT is asking for prayers for her sister who is battling Breast Cancer

05/21/19 – P.V.N.C asks for the following.  Prayer for her child who has strayed way from the teachings of Christ.  They has a wonderfuly child who they raised in the church.  This child was active in evrything from childrens ministry to teen youth groups, young adults and even did ministry.  Today, this child believes in God but no longer believes in Jesus as Jesus was just a “good person.”

05/08/19 – Michelle asks the following. Please pray for the salvation of Emma, Rosey, Cameron,Catherine, Chris, Alex, Dinah, Ray, Eden, Jon, Michael, George, Howard, Mari, Debby, Ceicile,  Leana, Jezzie, Sarah, Jaclyn, Alex, Kevin, mom, dad, Minnie, Lisa, Daisy, David, Penny and Kimberly.

04/02/19 – BEB is asking for prayers on lumps they found during her yearly checkup.

03/18/19 – MJ is asking for prayers and intercession with a court custody battle his family is facing. From the earthly eyes, all seem lost but we serve a faithful God. Praying for wisdom for the Judge, Social Workers, and everyone involved.

03/17/19 – SBJP is asking for prayers as she is going thru a domestic situation.

11/6/18 – JBT is asking for clarity. She is not feeling well and it is making her personal and professional life suffer. She is praying for direction on what to do next.

4/11/18 – Hi! Please pray with me that N**** will cut down on her drinking. I care for her health. Please pray for Her concerning alcohol even though she isn’t a believer yet please pray God will work behind the scenes and make her stop drinking as much so she get hangovers. Many people in the city I live drink too much. Please pray!

4/6/18 – Helping me overcome negative thoughts and images.

02/27/17 – The passing of a father just a couple of months after the passing of a mother.

02/27/17 – A surgery for an unknown ailment.

02/28/17 – An exploratory surgery on a knee to find out the extent of damage.

01/30/17 – Families in South Georgia affected by the tornadoes.

01/30/17 – My mom broke her hip and will need hip replacement surgery.

01/30/17 – Surgery to removed blockage in a clogged artery.

01/30/17 – Flu is spreading much at home.

01/17/17 – Pray for the doctor visit for my child today.  That the tests show completely healing.

01/11/17 – A mother just gives birth and two days later the father of the child dies.  Please pray for the mom and the newborn.

01/03/17 – Please pray for knowledge in making a hard career change.

12/07/16 – Please pray for my wife and I. I (have) been wanting another child, but she (has) been afraid/fearful with her high blood pressure (and) that it will be difficult during her pregnancy and put the child at high risk. Keep us in your prayers.  Merry Christmas Family…. God Bless

12/07/16 – Please pray for continued strength for my body.  I need hip replacement but doctor is telling me i am to you to get one as they only last 20 years.  We are talking about pain management right now.

12/06/16 – Pray for my son who will be having surgery on his elbow today to reattach.

12/01/16 – Please pray for my little baby.  She was admitted to the children’s hospital for bronchitis and stayed overnight.

11/28/16 – Please pray for “Jimmy” family as he suddenly died from a heart attack – An uncle passing away – praises for graduation with masters – prayer for my daughters roommate whose mother died a couple of days ago.

10/17/16 – Please pray for my unspoken prayer request.

10/6/16 – Can you pray for my family for a safe/blessed trip as we travel to Hawaii tonight and tomorrow?

08/16/16 – Please pray for my brother, that he will settle down for the good of the family.

Prayer Request From “P.C.”
Prayer List: Please Please Please Pray the HOLY SPIRIT leads as many people possible to pray for this Prayer Request…Please Pray with all your faith that GOD will Bless me (P.C.) with my Soul Mate as soon as it is possible with God . I’ve never had a girlfriend and been Praying and hoping for one for at least 20 years, I’m 42 years old now….Pray also GOD Blesses every person that Prays for me…Thank You