Message for Christian’s who have a bad day

I copied this article years ago and to be honest, I dont know where I got it from. I do know that it was written by David Wilkerson (copied his name as well) and published on August 3, 1998. All credit goes to David.

The Christian life is not a life of clear sailing. Every believer is going to have bad days, no matter how holy he may be. In fact, I believe the more godly a person is, the more trying and excruciating his bad days will be.

Fortunately, most Christians know Jesus isn’t just a “good times only” savior. He’s with us not only when things are going well, but during our bad days also. When hard times hit us, he doesn’t disappear, saying, “I’ll be back when you’ve got it all worked out.” No he’s faithful and caring through every kind of season. And he’s touched by every feeling we endure during our hard times.

The apostle Paul addresses this when he writes, “We have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellency of the power may be of God, and not of us” (2 Corinthians 4:7). Imagine it! The treasure Paul refers to is the knowledge and presence of Jesus Christ. And we hold this precious treasure in our bodies!

Yet the Greek word Paul uses for “earthen” is “frail clay” meaning, “weak, easily broken, easily tempted.” He’s saying, “Yes, we hold Jesus’ presence in our very bodies. But our bodies are weak, easily tempted and easily broken!”

The fact is, we all suffer what the Bible calls “infirmities.” For many Christians, a common infirmity of life is a frail constitution or poor health. Paul spoke of Timothy’s frequent illnesses, calling them “often infirmities” (1 Timothy 5:23). The Greek word “infirmity” here means “sickly, without strength, feeble of body or mind.”

Yet there are other kinds of infirmities besides physical ones, and they’re just as difficult to handle. In my opinion, infirmities of the mind are probably the most widespread. I’m not talking about mental illness, but rather those unexplainable times when your feelings betray you and play tricks on your mind. Let me explain.

It’s possible to go to bed feeling contented, on top of the world, and yet wake up the next day with a heavy cloud of gloom hanging over your head. All day long you feel totally bound by your downcast state of mind. You don’t know where it came from but the cloud of gloom just keeps hanging over you, and it won’t go away.

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Guilt, fear and anxiety are all infirmities of the mind. Such things might haunt you because of your past, or because of some sin that still clings to your life. And these infirmities cannot but help affect your feelings.

Now, you may say you don’t live by your feelings but in a very real sense you do. For instance, you might not be able to shake off some harsh words someone spoke to you a few days before. Or, you may constantly battle feelings of rejection or unworthiness. Without question, these feelings have a direct effect on the way you live.

For some people, Mothers Day or Fathers Day is one of the hardest days of the year. Perhaps their parents didn’t offer much love, or were alcoholics, or simply weren’t around. Many people can’t remember a good day with their mother or father at all. And so Christmas and Thanksgiving become the most difficult times of the year for them.

Ironically, my bad days come most often while I’m searching God’s word. When I’m alone with the Lord and my Bible, I can be overwhelmed with feelings of ignorance. I sense there’s a whole ocean of truth before me, but I can’t possibly comprehend it because there’s so much of it.

I get even more frustrated when I read the great writings of preachers who lived 300 years ago. I end up crying out, “Oh, Lord I’m like a baby in my understanding compared to these spiritual giants! They lived in a supposedly unenlightened age and yet as young men they wrote about matters I have yet to grasp in my sixties. Why is it so hard for me to get it?”

The only answer I receive is what I hear in Paul’s words: “Not of works, lest any man should boast” (Ephesians 2:9). All power rests in God including the power to comprehend truth and maintain a godly life. This great treasure is contained in earthen vessels so that all glory may be to him!

I thank you lord for being there for me in good days and bad. I thank you for the reminder that even in the darkest days, you are walking with me side by side. In Jesus name, Amen. – LB

The Power of a Desire

     The power of a desire can catapult you to a very successful in business or a personal achievement. The power of a desire can heal you or a family member. The power of a desire can lead you to a happy life. It’s now up to you to work hard to get you to the finish line.
     What to do? Where to start? How to begin? First your desire has to be powerful enough that your willing to work for free, your willing to stay up late and wake up early for it, and be on your mind constantly. If you not willing to sacrifice to earn it, the desire will have no value to you. For example public education is free, but yet many people don’t value it. Why? They did not earn it. Now if you paid thousands of dollars for a degree or a class you are going to invest in then you would want your money’s value for it. Why is that? You earned it. It has value to you. You put hard work in and you have completed the race. Your mind and body is trained to enjoy success.
    Obtain little results, day by day, step by step. Why? It helps you see results and lets you know you enjoy what you do. People who are determine to lose weight and tone their body start off with a look in the mirror or before pick. As you train day by day and get feedback you will start noticing results. Results produces confidence, confidence produces motivation, motivation produces joy.
   The Power of a Desire is strong. Mix your sincere desire with faith and watch the incredible happen. For me what was my second daughter. My wife in her late term pregnancy started bleeding, spots of blood started to pour out of her. We rushed her to the hospital, my mind thought the worst. But I did not give up. I believed she was ok, I hoped she will be ok, I did not give in to negative thinking. The doctor said that she miscarried and that they could not find the heart beat. So he schedule us to see her primary doctor the next day. Once at our primary doctor office the nurse was going to start removing the baby, but something was blinking on the screen. The nurse examined again and said there is a heart beat. Never in my life did I feel joy, happiness. They said go home everything is going to be ok. What a blessing.
   You must Train your mind to want it, want it so bad that even when the worst of the worst hits you your mind is trained to fight, hope, and think as one.

2018 Spring Break – Destin, Florida

In a world were our kids are using their handheld devices everyday, I take it as a blessing to take these trips and just spend face to face time with them. This year, we decided on Destin, Florida. We have family flying in from L.A. for Grandparents Day at FPD and they wanted to visit extended family in the area. People ask me if i ever do anything besides posting about my faith or how i practice my faith. Here are some pics from the trip. Have a blessed week with family and friends. UPDATED REGULARLY.

Day 1

day 2

Day 3

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