Encounters with the HOLY SPIRIT (this month)

The Holy Spirit is God.  An interaction with the Holy Spirit IS an interaction with God. The Holy Spirit is what moves us today on this earth.  The day you accepted Jesus Christ as your lord and savor is the day that you received the blessings of the Holy Spirit.  That voice you hear deep down inside you as you go about your daily tasks…THATS THE HOLY SPIRIT.  When you feel someone say to you “help this person” or “go over here”, guess what…THATS THE HOLY SPIRIT.  The more in tune you are with this concept, the more you allow God to use you to further the kingdom.

Current months Holy Spirit Experiences:

07/9/21 – Suddenly realizing that I have everything I prayed for in life.

Past Holy Spirit encounters

Why be an undercover Christian? Live life!

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