We all have a part to play in life

Life can be confusing and at times redundant. We do the same things (school, work, family, friend) just to lay our heads at night to do them all again the next day.

The same with the Bible. Some believe that there is no point reading it again since it’s the same thing over and over. Remember the Bible is the words of God for us. Allow it to speak to you as well. What the Bible speaks to you will not be the same for another. PJSLB

The spiritual power of food and sleep (funny)

Found this on facebook from the Twitter page of Joy Clarkson.  Nothing biblical here but sometimes, we all just need something to make us smile – especially on a monday.  Trust me, i slept really good this weekend and i ate alot…i must be ready for this week!  PJSLB


Remember your blessings just as much as you remember the heartbreak


Too many times we think about what we dont have instead of remember what we do have.  We think about the car we want and not about the reliable car that we have now.  For me, its thinking about all the pain and frustration in my previous careers and not realizing that they all made me what i am today.  I pray that today we all take a moment and think about what we have and not what we lack.  PJSLB

Why be an undercover Christian? Live life!

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