How the world will know you serve Christ

Everyone is quick to point out faults of others and stick with a iron fist mentality. Remember our goal is to Love. Your interaction with someone may be the only time they meet face to face with a Christian. Bring them in with Love and and Jesus work on their heart. PJSLB.

The day they start selling tickets to Heaven (funny)

Came across this this morning on social media and I had to share. It’s funny and sad at the same time. Funny that tickets are being sold yet sad that people actually believe this is the way. The quote that had me laughing was “…You should arrest Jesus because he is the one that gave me the golden tickets. I am willing to wear a write and set Jesus up.” Have a great day everyone and be blessed. PJSLB

Everything is new with God

With 2020 just being more than 24 hours old, it’s a great time to remember that everything is new with God. That sin has been forgiven, the addiction shall no longer have hold over you, relationships will be restored. Come to Christ with an open heart and be restored. Have a great day. PJSLB

Why be an undercover Christian? Live life!

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