Past Holy Spirit Experiences

The Bible shows us the many ways the Holy Spirit moves.

Past Holy Spirit Experiences

07/9/21 – Suddenly realizing that I have everything I prayed for in life.

10/22/19 – Watching my daughter conquer her fears and being on stage

08/01/19 – Watching The Holy Spirit act through your children.  Blessed by being named Captain but so very sweet and humble.

05/09/18 – The realization that i have been in my dream job for 6 months now.  Time has flown by here and i an thriving.  The holy spirit is with me in my walk here.

01/04/17 – I have realized that it is okay that be blessed by God.  I was at a point where i was doubting if i should take an opportunity because i was already blessed.  The Holy Spirit placed on my heart the feeling that I serve a loving God who wants to bless you!

12/28/16 – The Lord telling me that he has so much planned for me and that he is ready to our it all out.  He is showing me the many doors he can open, but i am not ready spiritually or mentally.

12/08/16 – The Lord using me to help connect someone who lost his mom with his friends from years past to help him in his time of mourning.

12/07/16 – The Lord using this blog to allow a friend to open up about his worries and allow me to help and pray for him and his family easing his burden and angst.

12/07/16 – The Lord using something like wrestling to get a friend to open up about his health and concerns.  I was able to be a someone to listen to him and offer words of encouragement.

12/1/16 – the mother of an DT past away this week.  It was only him and his mother.  He has always taken care of his mother and in doing so has not had opportunites to create friendships with others.  Right now he is alone.  I passed by someone whom i knew was a friend of DT from years ago.  I was led to talk to him and share DT situation with him.  He says that they have lost contact for almost 10 plus years.  It turns out that DT had a close core group at his previous church.  He told me to relay the funeral arrangements to him and he will call some of the people from years past so they may pay their respects.  What a blessing that DT does not have to go thru this alone.

11/30/16 – I get a sense to text an old friend who now lives in San Diego even though its only 7:30 am.  Its been a few months since we last talked.  He tells me he is looking for work in the city near us.  The Holy Spirit has placed me in a position to help.

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