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No one can change your thoughts but you

Yes, we can be influenced and “talked into doing something” by people, events, society, circumstance, etc. but ultimately the decision is yours and yours alone. FREE WILL. What you ultimately decide to do is up to you. We need to take more personal accountability in our actions.

There is two sides to every story

Today, it’s in my heart to say this. I see too many people walking with their heads down and being sad, frustrated, embarrassed, and sometimes even scared because of the gossip being said about them. You are NOT what people say you are. You ARE what God says your are. The quicker you care less about what others say about you, the better life can be.

My soul is telling me that the impossible shall be mine

Have you ever had such a strong feeling that something that is far fetched, impossible, and unrealistic is within your grasp and is waiting for you? Well that is how I am feeling now. My earthly mind is telling that that it is impossible but my soul is telling me that I am almost there.