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What thoughts are you feeling within yourself?

I do not know where this comes from (if you do please let me know) but what a powerful and visual way to show the battle that wages inside all of us. In today’s world of COVID-19 which includes frustration and confusion in today’s society, we all need to watch out what we “feed” ourselves with. Have a blessed day. PJSLB

Win souls not arguments

In 2020 with all that is happening, I find it crazy that some brothers and sisters try to win every argument and debate. They huff and puff their chests in what they see is victory. That is not what we are to do. We need to bring people to Christ and our actions are doing just the opposite.

Want to start praying but don’t know how?

Prayer is the most powerful way to connect with God. It was a direct line to the Alpha and Omega and has been used to to win wars, begin peace, heal sickness, oversee finances, etc. With praying being so powerful, it is natural for one to think that it has to be elaborate and a spectacle.

This could not be further from the truth. Praying is simply talking. This can be hard for many to do but once you begin to view God not just as God but as a father, this becomes easier. How do you talk to the adult figures in your life? When you are hungry do you have a whole speech just to ask for food? NO, you simply say I am hungry. The same with God. If you want something, if you are scared, worried, or just want to say hi, just talk…no need for pageantry. Here is how I start my prayers…

Heavenly Father, I thank you for this day. Today, is going to be rough….