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Resting is not quitting

Life is tough and with the world being in a pandemic since 2020, life is REALLY tough. Self importance is such an important topic right now. Remember, if you need to rest and take care of yourself, please do so. Ultimately, the one who will take care of you the best is going to be yourself.

A 2022 prayer request

Happy new year’s my brothers and sisters in Christ. As we enter 2022, I have a ton of prayer requests all of which have to do with Covid. I ask that you keep all these individuals in your prayers tonight.

Spend thanksgiving with those that matters

Happy thanksgiving everyone. I have a friend who is going to spend thanksgiving with family they meet only once a year. Other than thanksgiving, there really is no communication. I asked why she would go and she said because they are family. Meanwhile, she has friends that have been around for years that she can be with this holiday season.

Life is too short to not be happy!