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Keeping COVID-19 a secret

The longer this pandemic goes, the more I am hearing from family, friends, and colleagues about there COVID-19 experience. Most stories are of mild symptoms while others are of scary medical issues such as a double pneumonia, difficulty breathing, and even blot clots. No matter the story, any type of encounter with COVID-19 is scary. Let’s all have an open conversation about COVID-19 and what it is doing to our families and communities. Talk to someone and allow God to use someone to help you along in this scary journey.

What thoughts are you feeling within yourself?

I do not know where this comes from (if you do please let me know) but what a powerful and visual way to show the battle that wages inside all of us. In today’s world of COVID-19 which includes frustration and confusion in today’s society, we all need to watch out what we “feed” ourselves with. Have a blessed day. PJSLB

Scenes From a Philippine Hospital Overflowing With Coronavirus Patients – VICE NEWS

An eye opening article from VICE NEWS on how the Philippines is dealing with the pandemic. Being of Philippine decent, it saddens me to see this happen. A well written article by Alecs Ongal. Join us in praying for all us as we endure this pandemic.

Sheltering in place in the USA is one thing but I cannot imagine doing so in the Philippines. IF you are in the Philippines; let us know how COVID-19 has changed your day to day life. In the meantime, you are always in our prayers. – PJJP