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It’s going to be a great 24 hours in your life

You have been given another 24 hours in life. Make it count! Be there for someone. Say I love you. Say I forgive you. Share the good news in Christ. Let’s spend the next 24 hours making our surroundings just a little better.

Nothing in our life is perfect; Our God is Perfect

I could really use some prayers tonight (today if its daylight where you are). I have something really big going on tomorrow and if God blesses me so, this is something that can be life changing. I have prayed for this for almost 10 years. It is so close and within my reach. I pray for blessings and victory. I claim this as mine for I know God has placed this in my heart. I ask for all my brothers and sisters to pray for more as well. God Bless you all. I love you!