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A recommitment prayer to God.

Heavenly Father,

I have but i want More. I have but I worry. I have but I am scared. I have seen your glory I doubt. I have been saved but I question. I know what i will look like when i put the effort, yet i don’t put out the effort. I am human, just the way you made me. Today, I commit to being the best of me. I commit to using my given gifts and talents to further your kingdom. The first step is always hard, but that just get me closer to the destination and that destination is you. PJSLB

Why is it hard to forgive?

I replay hurt and negative events always. I try to replay moments when i felt let down to remember exactly how i felt to make sure i don’t get hurt again. I want to forgive but for some reason, i find myself wanting to keep the emotions of anger in. Why do we do that?PJSLB