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Prayer Warriors needed (Prayer Request)

This was a text message i sent to family and friends earlier this afternoon. I wanted to send it to all my brothers and sisters in Christ. It was then that i realized that ALL OF YOU ARE MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS IN CHRIST. It is with that sentiment that i ask for your prayers tonight. I humbly ask that you lift me up and that the Holy Spirit show up and show out! Thanks. Below is the text i sent earlier:

Sorry for the mass email but I need prayer warriors! The prayers have helped in the past with the move and new house. I know that prayer works! There is an opportunity presented with a university here that despite all understanding, I have gotten this far in the hiring process. The Holy Spirit has lined up everything. I claim this position as Director of ####### ####### boldly and I ask that in your conversations with God, you claim if for me as well. I am not ashamed to ask my brothers and sisters in Christ for this as I would do it for you in a heartbeat as well. Thanks everyone!

Sitting here, waiting for the Lord

I am waiting. I have been patient. I have followed your word. I do what is right and when I fall, I am quick to get up and ask for forgiveness. When others are down and confused, I am quick to be their support. I have been called blessed. I have been called fortunate. I have been charitable in your name. I have done good deeds to honor you. I am your brother…I am your son.

My soul needed this message

Do you ever feel worthless? Do you ever feel insignificant? What about lonely? Feeling like a loser? Well you are not alone; this is the way I feel right now.

People always assume i have it all together; trust me, I have my moments. In fact, I’m having it now.

I came across this photo on instagram. It’s a message I desperately needed to read. I always preach faith, now I must practice what I preach. Love you all. PJSLB