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Sometimes doing your best is better than doing it right.

Today, I am reminded that there at times and events in my life when I got to give myself some slack. It’s not about being right, sometimes its just about doing my best. We may fall short of our goals at times but that doesn’t mean we cant do out best always. Have a blessed day!

Take a deep breathe and continue on

As we are still in the midst of this Pandemic, we all need to take sometime for ourself and make sure we are mentally stable. The pandemic brings us so much ups and downs. From new infections, family members getting sick, loved ones dying, to even vaccination status; this is enough to make anyone get anxious. So as you read this, take a few mins to relax, breath, pray, and remember that we are all in this together.

Walking with a purpose

To many brothers and sisters in Christ are just tippy toeing in this world, trying to not stand out. I am also guilty of this. I am scared of what others think, or what they will say. Love one another and lets walking with a purpose of being the face of Christ on this earth.