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Inspirational sayings for my students

Today, some of my students will be playing their first tennis match and im excited and nervous for them.  I have a tradition of writing a short note and sharing some words of encouragement to them that is personal and unique to just them.  Below are some of the quotes i used this year.

Please say a prayer for these young/future leaders of our church as they play their first match.  I pray that regardless of the score and outcome, that they always seek and reflect God’s glory.  Im nervous for them!!! -PJSLB

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God Bless us the next four years

Regardless of how you feel about the incoming president Donald Trump, i invite all of you to say a prayer of blessing to our new President.  There are more things in life that binds us than divides us!

Lord, I ask you that you always keep our country safe and strong.  I pray lord that your WILL be done and that we continue to strive to keep you first in our lives.  In the name of Jesus, I pray for blessings for President Trump and his administration.  I pray for everyone that will be attending the inauguration today.  

I pray also for our senators, the men and women of congress, our judges, and state officials.  I pray lord for wisdom and foresight in the job they have to do.  

Finally, I pray for the next generation of Americans.  I pray lord that they have a heart that seeks you and a heart for our country.  In Jesus name I pray and in Jesus name i praise…AMEN. -PJSLB

Prayer for readers from Ireland

The past two weeks, I have noticed quite a few readers coming from Ireland.  The site gets is hits from the usual suspects like North America and Asia.  Its lovely to see that the Holy Spirit is using this site to reach out to more people.  Its weird in that I do not see myself as someone who the Lord can use.  For our new readers in Ireland, I would like to say a prayer for you.

Lord, I pray for the people from Ireland who are visiting the blog just wanting to know about you more.  I pray lord that these words continue to inspire them.  I pray lord that they have a personal relationship with you and if they don’t , LORD I PRAY THAT YOU CONTINUE TO TALK TO THEM…INSPIRE THEM…LOVE THEM…AND THEN USE THEM FOR FURTHER YOUR KINGDOM.  Lord, I pray for their country of IRELAND.  I pray lord that blessings fall down on them.  I pray lord that you guide their political leaders, teachers, fathers and mothers.  Most importantly, I pray that you bless the children of Ireland and that they be the next generation of Christian leaders doing your will.  In Jesus Name, Amen.

To my readers in Ireland, i just want to say that JESUS LOVES YOU! If you have a personal relationship with Christ, I pray that your walk with Christ is personal and intimate.  If you dont know Christ, I invite you to keep coming back to this blog to read about the good graces of our Lord.  I also invite you to visit the Christian Broadcast Network website to know more about Christ.

I also do not know a lot about Ireland so please feel free to tell me more about your county. That way i can post more things instead of just this!


Have a blessed weekend and a safe New Years Ireland. -PJSLB