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Prayer Request from AP Virgo

Received the email from AP Virgo

Dear God
I pray for holy blessings with B. One of them singing in front of the church. I met him when I first joined his sermon and had faith in raising giving every month to one day provide for our relationship funds. I pray for my friends JP and JU and pray for an upcoming wedding.

Please lift AP in your prayers.

These are the times I need God the most

One of the toughest things about being a Christian is when you are going through battles and you find yourself all of them. When times get rough for others, I try to be there for them. Emotional support. But when I go through battles, more often than not I find myself alone. It’s on these days that I need to really teach myself that I serve others because I love my God. When I go through battles, I have my God. Have a blessed day.

A 2022 prayer request

Happy new year’s my brothers and sisters in Christ. As we enter 2022, I have a ton of prayer requests all of which have to do with Covid. I ask that you keep all these individuals in your prayers tonight.