What worrying really means to a Christian

As a Christian, you learn thru teachings and experience that life here on earth is but a temporary destination and that this is not our true home.  If that is true (which i believe), then why do Christian’s worry so much?  Doesn’t worrying imply that you do not trust what you know to be true?  Francis Chan says it best…

This is something i am currently battling with.  Why do i worry?  Why am i scared?  I know that lord has something planned for me this week and I am excited to see what will unfold.  Again, Why am i so scared of the future?  

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  1. Perfect post for me today. I was overcome by dread a few times. Dread that I could not remember how to do my job…dread that my writing will never go anywhere or make a difference…dread that I will not be prepared for the holidays (…ugh)…dread a loved family member will not return to see us. But we must keep moving forward. God is with us. I must call out and listen to His genial replies and nudges. The dread is not from Him.

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    1. It’s amazing how the holiday season (a season that is suppose to bring joy) can be a time when we get really anxious about even the smallest thing in our life. I pray that your holiday season is filled with Christ, family, friends and loved ones.

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