The Holy Spirit Spoke to ME!

First of all, I pray that you all had a wonderful thanksgiving.  Mine was filled with family, fun, laughter, and of course food!  During the past week, I was blessed to witness my youngest have her 7th birthday (thanksgiving child) and also my cousin’s (brother) 39th birthday.  The tree is up at the house, the elf is running around making my kids laugh and Christmas shopping has begun.

Last night as i was laying down, I had a sudden panic attack about the upcoming week and the uncertainty of what the future holds.  It was something that kept me up for a good hour.  I tried to think about the Lord and that he has everything under control but I was still thinking about everything.  Suddenly, as if a light switch was just turned on, I felt this calm run thru my body and i suddenly got excited.  My mind was filled with the thought that the Lord will show himself this week.

This morning, I noticed a lot more hits on the site today.  I had a wonderful morning meeting at work. I am getting the ball rolling on various projects and now I come across a saying that just fills my spirit with joy.

My worries stem from what i am currently doing.   I love what i am doing but at the same time, I always have these thoughts in the back of my mind if what i am doing is right, worth it, or even really beneficial to my family.  There are opportunities out there that i can take that would have my family in a much better position but every time I entertain even the thought of changing where i am, the Lord places an event that I can only experience here.

It all comes down to this…I love what I am doing but i am making sacrifices to stay here.  I can go somewhere else and be more stable (in the earthly sense) but will i still have the opportunity to say “I LOVE WHAT I AM DOING”?

I am excited to see what the Lord presents this week.  Thats one thing about our father…there is never a dull moment.  God bless you and all you cherish.

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