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We all have a part to play in life

Life can be confusing and at times redundant. We do the same things (school, work, family, friend) just to lay our heads at night to do them all again the next day.

The same with the Bible. Some believe that there is no point reading it again since it’s the same thing over and over. Remember the Bible is the words of God for us. Allow it to speak to you as well. What the Bible speaks to you will not be the same for another. PJSLB

Want to know what God wants…ASK HIM


Growing up as a child, my parents would make weekly trips to the grocery store.  At the check out line, there would always be candy and chocolates all lined up just waiting for me to get them.  I would really want one but i was too afraid to ask.

One day, my mom noticed me staring particularly hard at the candy.  I wanted her to ask if i wanted it, but she didnt.  In the end, i whispered “mom, can you buy me some candy?”  Without hesitation, she answered yes and soon after i finally had my treat!

I learned a valuable lesson that day.  You will not get what you do no ask for.  So if you want something, “SHOOT YOUR SHOT” because not acting upon something is a guaranteed way of not receiving anything.  PJSLB

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Christians have hills, valleys, and the straight road


We all have heard about going thrugh Hills and Valleys.  Life has its up and downs and we should face them both the same; stay level headed.  Even Tauren Well’s wrote a song on this.

The thing is at this moment in my life, it is not a hill or a valley.  Its pretty much a straight road.  I just wanted to acknowledge that life is more than just being up and being down.  Sometimes, life is about being in the moment…being current…and i am okay with where i am right now.  In Jesus Name, have a great weekend.  PJSLB