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Nightly Prayer – 01/03/18

I thank you lord for my family. I thank you lord for being patient with me as I had my brief weakness about when is it my time. I pray for the girls as they go back to school. I know lord that you are ALWAYS with us and that in your due time, blessings beyond imagination will come upon myself and my family. I pray for TXXXXX as she is going thru some bad times. I pray for MXXX that he does the right thing. I pray for RXXXand the kind heart you have instilled him him. As a door closes, I know that you will open another. I thank you lord for this. In Jesus Name, Amen.

Being persistent with God

I remember as a child wanting a Nintendo entertainment system. My mom would say no but that never stopped me from asking. I was not deterred with all the “no’s.”

On my birthday I opened my gift only to see the one thing that I have been asking for the longest time…a Nintendo Entertainment System!

I was persistent and kept asking my mom even when I knew she would say no. But my mom and her love for me chose the perfect time to give the thing I wanted more than anything.

Why is it that when we ask God for something and we do not receive it immediately, we give up asking? If our earthly parents would give to us then surely our Heavenly Father would do a million times more. KEEP ASKING! PJSLB

Putting problems into perspective 

I am surrounded by uncertainty. I know not what tomorrow holds. The only thing I am sure of is that my Lord lives and that no matter how painful life is in this earth it is but a fraction of a second in comparison to eternity with our God. When I remind myself about this, my heart is at ease. I pray that is the same with you. PSJLB