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We need to reach out those those we avoid

It’s easy to be nice, loving, and Christian like to someone who is pleasant and “has everything together.” Its another thing to reach out to those who really need the help…those who really need God.

What are you doing to reach out to those who really need God?

We always have a reason to rejoice

The last few days I have had a hard time going to sleep. The pandemic and the anxiety it brings has finally hit me. I worry about my health, my family‘s health, my parents health, my loved ones health, my friends health.I worry about my job. I worry about what my kids have to go through. I worry about my wife and all that surrounds her. It got so bad that for the last few nights I have probably average 2 to 3 hours of sleep.

This has made me really search my faith to fine what is missing. And what I realized is for the longest time when things are bad I come to the Lord. Which is great, which is something that the Lord says he wants us to do. Thing is I can’t remember the last time I said thank you for everything I have received. I am there when I need something and I am not there in the good times and when I am content. This pandemic has now taught me too rejoice and be thankful for everything the good in the bad.

We all have our faults and Jesus loved us all

It is sad when brothers and sisters in Christ are quick to condemn a person for their actions or behavior. We all need to be reminded that Jesus was here to save the lost. Jesus did not interact with the “well to do” but with those that society deemed as outcasts. Also, the Bible is filled with people with faults that God used to further the kingdom. The more we shut out the “outcasts” and those who have different opinions, the further we get from our mission here on Earth. PJSLB.