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It’s impossible to explain Gods vision for your life to others

Recently, It’s been placed in my heart that something big in my life is going to happen; the blessings of all blessings. This is something in my career that I have been praying for, for years. It’s just been so strong to “give it one more go.”

The things is, everyone around me would think that my life is already good. I thank God for that. Many around me cannot understand why I would make such a move. It really is hard to explain to someone what God has placed in your heart and have them understand the vision. Thank God my wife see’s it though…lol. Have a blessed day everyone.

My soul is telling me that the impossible shall be mine

Have you ever had such a strong feeling that something that is far fetched, impossible, and unrealistic is within your grasp and is waiting for you? Well that is how I am feeling now. My earthly mind is telling that that it is impossible but my soul is telling me that I am almost there.