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Life has a full of ups and downs

I have learned the last couple of days that life is really all about ups and downs. You worry about one thing, only for it to be resolved and another problem comes. I have learned that whatever comes, it is important to remain even keeled. There is no reason to be fearful for walking with me is my lord and savior.

What does Grace plus Mercy equal

Today, I had a bit of a self revelation. I have been blessed so much by God, and I have not been doing my end of the bargain. I have been taking and taking and not giving anything to Christ. Well that ends. I have been examine where in my life, I can do better in being the Lord’s face on earth. I can always tithe more. Well, I mean I should begin to tithe. I can also be more diligent in reading the word. I feel good about this. I really need this because in this world today, I just worry. I worry of course about COVID but I also worry about others. I worry about my family, friends, and just life in general. It’s to the point that I just start making up problems. Need to focus my thoughts and energy on what matters.