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A personal search for peace in the middle of the night

Tonight I wake up at 2:30 am and still am up as we approach 5:00 am. Worrying about work, family, health , job. It has lead me to almost 3 hours of searching Gods word and being hungry for it. My fears are now calm , my anxiety is removed, I feel the peace of God. I have a hunger for the word that has not been there for a long time. It’s calling upon me. Peace be with all of your.

Keeping COVID-19 a secret

The longer this pandemic goes, the more I am hearing from family, friends, and colleagues about there COVID-19 experience. Most stories are of mild symptoms while others are of scary medical issues such as a double pneumonia, difficulty breathing, and even blot clots. No matter the story, any type of encounter with COVID-19 is scary. Let’s all have an open conversation about COVID-19 and what it is doing to our families and communities. Talk to someone and allow God to use someone to help you along in this scary journey.