2016 Love Riot Tour – Newsboys (The Afters)

I have been blessed to be a part of some really great concerts. From Jay-Z to Kanye West in the hip-hop world to Alicia Keys and Taylor Swift in the pop world. I have also experienced the Holy Spirit move in Christian Concerts. There has always been one Christian concert that has always been above and beyond any and that was by Superchick. I absolutely loved that group and i can vividly remember feeling the Holy Spirit moving in me that day. I never thought i would be fortunate to feel that way again…then i was blessed again to be part of the group that was in the Macon Collesium for the Newsboys 2016 – Love Riot Tour.

The Afters – Act THREE

I am all about lyrics.  I believe that lyrics make the song and not the beat.  Live and Forever by The Afters brings substance lyrically and musically.  It all start with the song Shadows.  With lyrics like “Wake up the statues, Breathe out the dust, Shock of a heartbeat, Rush of the blood, Breaking into my skin, Feel the burning again, I can’t escape it, Its time to rise up from the shadows”  this is a song / album that will get any Christian hyped.  Battles is the song that everyone knows and that is not bad.  Anytime a song says that God “is fighting my battles” is always a good thing.  Want a song that will just get you up and ready for the day…listen to Time of my Life.  Their set during the 2016 Love Riot tour was all about that bass and boom with drums and drums galore.  Everyone was hitting a drum and trust me you can feel it in the arena.  It was a sight to behold.  One of the drums was hit so hard it actually fell on the floor (It was red and yes i saw it…lol) but the group continued without missing a beat. The families favorite part of the whole set was the performance of Live on Forever.  If you have never heard of it (which would completely shock me), you need to listen to it right now.

On a side note, this guys are probably the coolest group of artist you will meet.  The patience to take all those pictures and to take time to talk to everyone is amazing and a blessing.  Keep up the good work guys in spreading the word of God thru music.

Follow them on Twitter @theafters ….we need to support groups like this.

You can find the review on Graham Saber here.  Look out for reviews on Ryan Stephenson and Newsboys.

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