2016 Love Riot Tour – Newsboys (Graham Saber)

I have been blessed to be a part of some really great concerts.  From Jay-Z to Kanye West in the hip-hop world to Alicia Keys and Taylor Swift in the pop world.  I have also experienced the Holy Spirit move in Christian Concerts.  There has always been one Christian concert that has always been above and beyond any and that was by Superchick.  I absolutely loved that group and i can vividly remember feeling the Holy Spirit moving in me that day.  I never thought i would be fortunate to feel that way again…then i was blessed again to be part of the group that was in the Macon Collesium for the Newsboys 2016 – Love Riot Tour.

Graham Saber – First ACT

I will not pretend to act like i knew who Graham Saber was BEFORE this concert and judging by the lack of a Wiki page, I am not the only one.  I will tell you that i am a huge fan of his AFTER the concert.  When his name was announced, my kids asked who is that and by the end of the concert, my girls were asking why they haven’t heard about him until tonight and all i can say to that is that is an excellent question.  I am a hip hop person by default and when i heard If Money Didn’t Matter, I already knew i would be a fan of his for life.  Graham’s new album entitled All We Fought For is an album that will be on repeat at work, home, car, gym, etc. for a very long time.  AWFF is a song on that smooth tip that brings home the message of the love of God.  On the track Rollercoaster he drops the line “underachieving like i play for the thunder”, i knew his world play rivals any present hip hop artist.  Graham is an artist that we need to educate the masses about.  His music is second to none and the message is what is needed in today’s world.  My girls favorite song is Here, Now (the drums is absolutely sick).  Thanks Newsboys for introducing Graham to us.  We look forward to hearing more from him.   Do yourself a favor and know him and his songs soon so when he blows up, you can say you were a fan from the beginning.  Put him on the radio K LOVE RADIO!!!

You can find the review on The Afters here.  Next Up – Ryan Stevenson (He was only the second act!), and Newsboys.
God Bless All.  Lets share the talen to Graham Saber

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