Watching the company you keep.

When i was young, i remember my teachers saying that if you want to know what a person is like, watch the friends that surround him.  I have always agreed with that statement, but lately that statement has become more and more the description of my life.
I am a strong person (i would like to think) and there isn’t much that gets to me.  Yes, i get hurt when someone speaks negative towards me (or others) and i know i am just not built to have that kind of negativity in my life.  This is the reason why i keep my circle of friends so small.  I may not have a lot of friends but i do have friends that are of substance and that add something positive to my life.  For the most part, my friends are Christians but not all.  This is where it gets a little sticky.

Someone who i thought was a “friend” has not been saying nice things about me.  This is someone I would consider a Christian brother. They talk along the lines of being negative and finding opportunities to “poke holes” in what i do in the hopes of picking themselves up.  What do i do?  Like i said, i am not the type that likes negativity and i definitely do not like confrontation.  In the end, i know myself and i know that i will just be staying away from this person.

This has gotten me to think of the times I haven’t been Christian like in my conversations with others.  Its a humbling experience to know that i have hurt someone the same way that my friends has done to me.  I can’t imagine i became that person who some would describe as a “judgmental Christian.”  This is definitely something i need to change in myself.

Have you experienced something like this?  Let us know.

Have a great days family. I thank God for speaking to me like this today and i pray that each of you hear the Holy Spirit when called upon to do something or change something within your life.

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