2016 – Love Riot Tour – Newsboys (Ryan Stevenson)

I have been blessed to be a part of some really great concerts. From Jay-Z to Kanye West in the hip-hop world to Alicia Keys and Taylor Swift in the pop world. I have also experienced the Holy Spirit move in Christian Concerts. There has always been one Christian concert that has always been above and beyond any and that was by Superchick. I absolutely loved that group and i can vividly remember feeling the Holy Spirit moving in me that day. I never thought i would be fortunate to feel that way again…then i was blessed again to be part of the group that was in the Macon Collesium for the Newsboys 2016 – Love Riot Tour.

Ryan Stephenson – Second ACT

Let’s be honest, my family (im sure pretty much everyone in the arena) was waiting for one song and its been a song that has been taking the country by storm.  Eye of the storm comes from Ryan’s 2015 album Fresh Start and since the release of the song, it has reached number one on the Billboard Christian Charts and the Billboard Christian Airplay charts. To put into perspective the power of the song, it is STILL number one on the TOP SONGS list at K-LOVE (10/19016)  and number still number two on the Billbloard Hot Christian charts (as of 10/19/16).  Eye of the storm is one of those song that will not only pull on your heart strings but also lead you to WANTING that conversation with the Holy Spirit.  I have been inspired by this song on good times and I have been uplifted by this song during times of difficulty.  I was singing the song to myself just now to find a line or two from the song that can sum up the feelings the song brings and its been a challenge.  In the end, the ways “I find my peace in Jesus’ name” says it all.  As a Christian living in a place we believe is temporary until we are called, the peace from Jesus is all that we have in this time of uncertainty.  I thank you lord for that.  The album Fresh Start is an album worth listening to with songs life Fresh Start, Mercy Changes Everything, and Not Forgotten giving you quality music with powerful messages.

The set itself was AMAZING!!!!  Some of the loudest moments of the night was during Eye of the Storm.  I turned to my girls and saw them jumping and waving their hands and singing back to Ryan.  Eye of the Storm is just one of those songs that has/is leading so many people to Christ.  We are blessed that the Holy Spirit has inspired Ryan to write such a powerful song.

On a side note, after the concert as we were heading out we saw Ryan trying to gather his stuff and head out.  The girls shouted “Dad’s its Ryan, can we ask for a picture?”  I tried to explain that i am sure he is tired and just trying to get back home but they insisted.  I shamefully asked if he had time for one more pic and he said of course.  With a smile and a few nice words to my daughters, he took a picture with them and made them fans for life.  God Bless You for than Ryan!

You can find my review on Graham Saber here, and The Afters here.  Next up, the main act…NEWSBOYS!!!

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