A Christian forgets to pray and takes his blessings for granted

My prayer life has gotten a stagnant.  Sure, I pray with my daughters at night and I love doing that but after a long day and i am tired, I may go straight to bed without even praying.

In 2013, I read the bible from cover to cover using a yearly planner.  2014 was the highlight of my faith in that I was never stronger in my relationship with the Lord.  I prayed constantly, talked with God often and trust him thru the good times and the bad.  2014 was such a challenge but those intimate talks with God really put me at ease.

Fast words to the last few remaining days of 2016, i have everything i have prayed for in 2014 but my conversations with Christ is significantly less.  If you have been following the blog you are fully aware of the challenges i have been facing the last few days.

This morning, I decided it was time to reconnect to my source.  I downloaded my Olive Tree Bible app on my phone, mac, and ipad and started another year long journey.  I tell you what…i was so refreshed after reading day one.  It was such a spiritual high.  I then got on my knees and prayed like it was 2014 and I felt right at home.

My resolve is to bring back the days when my conversations with Christ was my lifeline.  In doing so, I firmly believe that God will truly reveal his plans for me and also allow me to better write on this blog.  Have a blessed day everyone.  In Jesus name we all live on!  -PJSLB

(update) this was written during the last week of 2016.  Im happy to say that the Lord has always been faithful thru the good times and the bad. -PJSLB

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