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Prayers for El Paso

Father, tonight I pray for peace that can only come from you. I pray for our country and I pray for strength. Tensions are high and we have more questions than answers. We have aching hearts for our brothers and sisters in El Paso. We pray for peace and we act in love. PJSLB


The next hour of your life is not guaranteed


With the madness that surrounds us on an everyday basis, we tend to forget that time is not guaranteed.  Ill play with the kids tomorrow or Ill give mom and dad a call this weekend  are words that can haunt you for the rest of your life.  So breathe, take time to enjoy the moment and lets your loved ones know that they mean the world to you.

Speaking of not having tomorrow guaranteed; if you do not know Jesus Christ as your lord and savior… i invite you to watch this video by Joyce Meyer on What happens when you accept Jesus Christ as you Lord and Savior.”  PJSLB


A tough start to the week

Lord, i pray for all the people who have suffered from the storms in the southeast US this past weekend.  Please give them the peace and comfort that only you can bring.

This has been a very hectic day.  I just got back in my office and didnt even have time for lunch.  Days like this, I need to stop and remember that our God controls all.  Everything that happens and everything that i go thru is for his good in the end.  Have a blessed day everyone. -PJSLB

A Christian forgets to pray and takes his blessings for granted

My prayer life has gotten a stagnant.  Sure, I pray with my daughters at night and I love doing that but after a long day and i am tired, I may go straight to bed without even praying.

In 2013, I read the bible from cover to cover using a yearly planner.  2014 was the highlight of my faith in that I was never stronger in my relationship with the Lord.  I prayed constantly, talked with God often and trust him thru the good times and the bad.  2014 was such a challenge but those intimate talks with God really put me at ease.

Fast words to the last few remaining days of 2016, i have everything i have prayed for in 2014 but my conversations with Christ is significantly less.  If you have been following the blog you are fully aware of the challenges i have been facing the last few days.

This morning, I decided it was time to reconnect to my source.  I downloaded my Olive Tree Bible app on my phone, mac, and ipad and started another year long journey.  I tell you what…i was so refreshed after reading day one.  It was such a spiritual high.  I then got on my knees and prayed like it was 2014 and I felt right at home.

My resolve is to bring back the days when my conversations with Christ was my lifeline.  In doing so, I firmly believe that God will truly reveal his plans for me and also allow me to better write on this blog.  Have a blessed day everyone.  In Jesus name we all live on!  -PJSLB

(update) this was written during the last week of 2016.  Im happy to say that the Lord has always been faithful thru the good times and the bad. -PJSLB