When I am scared to stand up for myself

It has been a challenging holiday season.  Yes, i was thrilled and blessed to be with my family and also to welcome the newest editions to the family.  But there was always something that was replaying in my mind.

I have been praying for something for past past couple of years and last year, I finally received it.  It is something I LOVE doing and I know I am being a blessing to the people I am with on an everyday level.  I got what I prayed for and I should be happy…right?

confused GIF

Well, the past month an uneasy feeling has been inside of me.  A feeling that I am not at my final destination.  The short version of this story is that I may have an opportunity to go somewhere else and EVERYTHING inside of me is telling me to take it.

It should be such an easy option.  Option 2 is better than option 1 therefore take option 2.  But my problem is that I prayed so much for option 1.  I finally have it.  I should be happy.  Yet, for some reason I have it in my heart that i should be doing more somewhere else.

I prayed for some inspiration and came up with this.


I have been trying to put my earthly logic into the Lord’s plan.  I assume that because this is what I prayed for, this is as far as i will go.  I need to realize that i have a loving God that always looks out for me.


I love you and trust you lord!!!!  I will not be placing any limits on what you can do! -PJSLB


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