When is it time to walk away

It is okay to walk away. It is okay to move on. It is okay to think about yourself. IT IS OKAY.

6 thoughts on “When is it time to walk away

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      1. Same here. We had a brother here about 1998 that had come in from NM. Really solid believer. Sister who had recently been divorced…needing to be “single” for awhile. We all tried to warn them away from such a “quick” relationship. Ended up marrisd and then divorced (what a train wreck that was) within the year. Ruined both of their lives. He even stayed with me for about a year and a half while going thru the whole divorce. Wow… not fun.


      2. It is rather painful to see brothers and sisters go thru painful situations. In the end, sometimes the only thing we can do is sit there quietly and ride the storm with them.


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