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A personal search for peace in the middle of the night

Tonight I wake up at 2:30 am and still am up as we approach 5:00 am. Worrying about work, family, health , job. It has lead me to almost 3 hours of searching Gods word and being hungry for it. My fears are now calm , my anxiety is removed, I feel the peace of God. I have a hunger for the word that has not been there for a long time. It’s calling upon me. Peace be with all of your.

When we love what’s supposed to be used

I don’t know who said this (if you know, please message me) but it rings true today. In a world that uses social media and “influencers” to tell us what to like, what to love, what to care for; now more than ever we need to be aware of what is really influencing us. I am also guilty of this. Let’s keep our eyes for us on Christ.

How is COVID-19 changing your spiritual life?

How has COVID-19 changed the way you interact with God? Has COVID-19 changed your relationship with God? These are questions we will be exploring in the next few weeks but in the meantime, I found this meme that gives great examples on how you can give your spiritual life a jump start even in the midst of this pandemic. Have a great day and be a blessing to someone! PJSLB