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The rewards of Patience and Endurance

The words from the book of Hebrews ring true for me in my personal life especially today. Today I embarked on a path that was both unexpected and life changing. After 4 years, I picked up a racquet and hit a tennis ball again. It was an amazing feeling and although I had much rust on my game and my body feeling like i got hit by a linebacker, I had a blast. Thank you lord for this.

What about you? Is life feeling repetitious and predictable? Are you still waiting for your blessing? Please hang in there. Reply on Gods word and hold on the the promises he whispered in your heart. Have a good night my bothers and sister. PJSLB

It’s all about perspective 

Nothing biblical but something the EVERY Christian should know/understand. Too many of us are quick to judge and add our “two cents” to a situation without fully understanding the backstory that comes with what is on front of our eyes. God is love and we need to be a mirror or that love…not a mirror of judgement. PJSLB