Tattnall Square Academy Kids Yul Love 2016

Christmas at Tattnall Square Academy 2016

First of all, I need to apologize to the more than 1300 followers in over 100 countries for this entry but this is an entry I HAD to write about.  As i said in the past, a big reason for making the move back to Georgia was for my daughters to be able to go to school at Tattnall Square Academy. One my my favorite events at Tattnall is the last week before Christmas break.  It is just a festive atmosphere where you really feel the love that the school has for one another.  Today was a day that showed the heart that Tattnall has for its community. For the last 30 years, TSA has been leading the charge in helping Kids Yul  Love give toys to the less fortunate.

The cast of the nativity play.  I love being at a school where EVERYONE is free to express their love for Christ.

Had to add this picture.  While everyone is doing a fantastic job, my daughter is the angel in the middle with her hands up in the air all relaxed. 

Santa coming into the Athletic Complex with the gifts the students brought for Kids Yul Love.

Some of the gifts the students at Tattnall brought.

The opening of the Polar Express play.

The TSA band of gold always brings it. 

For our readers outside of the USA, I pray that this is a good representation of how a Christian school here fosters the next generation of Christian leaders. If you have some pictures as well, please share! We would love to see them



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