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Prayer for my kids – maybe you can relate

As i lay my head down tonight my heart is heavy with the worry of my kids. I worry about the pressure life brings to them. I worry for their health (mental and physical) and safety in this uncertain world. I place my faith in you and hold dearly to your word that you will never forsaken my kids. I love you lord. In Jesus name amen.

What you see on Social Media is not the real world


Came across this while on Facebook this morning.  Its from Power of Positivity.  Nothing biblical but very true in the world we live today.  Please keep in mind that people are only showing the “good” in their lives.  You do not see the stress, struggles, and problems they face JUST LIKE YOU! We live in a world of likes, shares and retweets.

Father George Maddock – a role model who will be missed

With all the talk about the current state of the Catholic church, we forget the many who do great work for the Lord. People like Father George. He was my theology teacher at Father Duenas Memorial School at Mangilao, Guam. He taught me one of the greatest lessons I learned. He taught me how to love Christ in the real world.

This was a man that was after the heart of Christ. I’m not an emotional person by any means but this one got to me. Father George was a molder of men and we are all better sons, husbands, brothers, cousins, uncles, Etc. because of this man. He is the reason why I know the books of the Bible (Ror Cor Gal Eph Philly Col…) and even prepared me for my move to Tampa by sharing what the world outside of Guam was like. Rest easy Father George. I thank you for being an example to many of what love for Christ really looks like. Till next time in heaven. FORTES IS FIDE.

Christian Christmas Music Day 7

***Until Christmas Day, I will be highlighting one song that defines Christmas for me and my family. Hopefully, some of these songs will be an inspiration to you and your family as well.

Day 7 – Nat King Cole – The “unforgetable” voice

The Christmas Album  Song – Joy to the world

Nat King Cole Christmas

I first heard about Nat King Cole when I saw his daughter Natalie Cole do a duet with her father using old photos and singing with him.  I remember having chills just thinking about what Natalie was going thru singing a song like that.  Since then, I have been a fan of Nat King Cole and all that he has done for for music thru Jazz.

This morning i saw my daugthers walking to class and i thought, “…wow they are growing up so fast”.  That moment with my daughter along with the picture above and the singing of Natalie Cole with her father makes me very blessed this morning.  Thank you lord for allowing me to take care of these kids while they are here and thank you for the moment Natalie got to sing with her father.   Merry Christmas!  =)  -PJSLB