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The Sorrow of Christmas

Christmas is full of joy and laughter. A chance to be with family, friends and loved ones. Christmas is also a time of painful goodbyes and memories of years past.

This past month my parents came over for the holiday season and after not seeing them for over two years, I had such fun having them around. This morning I dropped them off to the airport so they can play “tourist” for a week; visiting some beautiful places out country has to offer. Although, I will see them in a week my heart still hurts.

When enjoying the Holiday season with your loved ones, keep an eye out on those who are missing someone. Be compassionate and be a keeper of you fellow brothers and sisters. God Bless. PJSLB

Good Morning Prayer – 12/30/16

Heavenly Father,

I thank you for blessing me with another day on earth with my family.  It was such a cold morning walking the dogs.  I thank you for these new puppies that have been such a joy for my kids.  I thank you lord that during this Christmas break my kids were able to just stay home and relax.  I thank you for keeping us free from sickness and be able to enjoy this holiday season.

Lord, please watch over family and friends that are away from us.  Please continue to send blessings to our nation.

I pray lord that you continue to talk to me and tell me where i need to go.  Too many times I have been trying to force your hand and making my own plans.  I give that up and surrender it all to you.

I thank you for the Bible and the way it speaks to me whenever i open it.  I pray lord that someone out there who is reading this also picks up the bible to read your thoughts on life.

Finally, I pray lord that use me as a example of your love on earth.  May i never falter is showing that.  If i do, I pray lord you bless me with the ability to realize my mistakes and fix them.

I love you Lord. In Jesus Name, Amen.


Doxie playingDoxie with cute eyes

What happened with the teacher now has a question?

What happens to the teacher who has is the one to always give the answers but now has a question? Where does the teacher go? Who does the teacher talk to?

Yes the teacher can go to other teachers but it’s not the same. Who can help the teacher?