Guam remembers Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor was an event that will live in infamy in the hearts and minds of all Americans.  I can only imagine the horror and confusion that took place on that fateful day.  Actually, i CAN imagine what it was like.  As a son of New York, I know what it is like to see the place you grew up in change in just an instant.

What many people may not realize is that the attacks on that day was not just on Pearl Harbor.  Thousands of miles away west of Hawaii (and a whole lot closer to Japan),  The beautiful island of Guam was attacked as well and became Japanese territory.  You can read a fabulous story about that fateful day on Guam from The Pacific Daily News.

Guam is a hidden gem that every American should visit.  There is no place in the world that delivers the way Guam does.  Guam is a melting pot of American, Asian, and Pacific Island culture and traditions.  Pictures of Guam do not do it justice.  It is much more beautiful in person.

On a day that we remember the lives of those lost at Pearl Harbor, please say a prayer for the people on Guam such as Cleotide Bamba, 84 whose life was also changed on that fateful day despite being thousands of miles away from Pearl Harbor.

In his name we all live. – PJSLB







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