Relationship With God Is Movement.



A relationship with God is constant movement. It has it’s ups and downs, peaks and valley’s, etc. Even if you have a relationship with Christ, you are not guaranteed a comfortable life on this earth. Reason is simple. You were not made for this earth. If Jesus suffered on this earth, why should you be sheltered from the pain, suffering, and challenges that even our Lord went thru.

Always move forward. Always keep your eyes focused on Christ…in good times and in bad.

May the lord bless you, keep you, and fulfill all that you need until your time comes to love with him in eternity.

5 thoughts on “Relationship With God Is Movement.

      1. Thank you. Sometimes I find myself holding my breath while in the midst of pain, and He gently whispers to me, “Breath, little one. You can do this because, lo, I am with you.” Our God is big, yet sweet and tender.

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