Ramblings of your average Christian

Tonight, i have this feeling in me to praise the name of Jesus and give thanks. It really is hard to describe. There is no rhyme or reason. I did not hit the lottery. My health and the health of my family is good. Today was just filled with little events that when totaled together show me the love that Christ has for myself.

My youngest daughter (kyla) was taking a nap earlier and as she was laying next to me i began to really look at her face. It was so soft, peaceful, and perfect. It was like looking at her mother (though some say that kyla actually looks like me). I remember saying thanks to God for sending me such a gift. Kyla’s first year on earth was not easy. It took numerous trips to the hospital and lots of prayers but she is now a healthy baby.

Just before kyla took nap, we were all watching tv in the living room. I was laying on the floor watching tv when all of the sudden nyah (4 years old) jumps on my belly; gave me a huge hug and kiss ans say “i love you daddy”. As quick as she jumps of my stomach, she jumps off as proceeds on her way.

I have never been one to question the existence of God. I do not need to see him to know that he is out there. There is no need to have a conversation with him. To put it in words that kids would understand; if i never got a text message from him i wouldnt be heart broken. When the lord sets up my days as he did today, well, thats all the proof i need that he is out there.

I pray that you all have experienced days like this.

In Jesus name,


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