Life is good EQUALS not talking to Jesus

My life has been going very well the last few months. By the grace of the lord, i am now attening school full time with a graduation date of may 2012. PhD here we come! My kids are healthy, my marriage is rock solid, i have quality friends, and even joined a fraternity i have been wanting to for the longest time. Within the last couple if weeks, we have even purchased a new car. Life is good, but the nights have been quiet.

I am ashamed to say that as my grace increases, my conversations with christ has lessen. I am embarased about this.

I associate this laziness with being back in college. Place yourself back in college and remember all the good times you had. now think of the days of exams, needing money for books, or running low on money on your food card. When times were good, you never called home yet when times were rough, mom and dad were alays the first person you reached out to. Even when you do call them when their is no problems, the conversations are short and impersonal.

That is where i am right now. Im not proud of it…in fact it is very embarasing. With a silent prayer, i ask lord jesus that you forgive me for not reaching out to you in my times of prosperity. I am who i am because if you.

What are some tips you can give in having a continuous conversation with Christ in good and bad times?

We are all royalty because our father is the king of kings,


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