I do not see, yet I believe.

I have been contemplating the last few days my motives for believing in Jesus Christ. I consider myself a logical person who takes into account all avenues of a situation before I make a decision. With that in mind, what makes my relationship with Christ so different? My eyes have never met his and realistically all I know about him is written in a book. I have never spoken to him. Actually I take that back. As far fetched as it may seem, I have spoken to Jesus. There have been times whether in prayer, contemplation, or just laying down for the night when I have felt the presence of holy spirit. Words, thoughts, visions, come to mind when I am in this state. All problems cease to exist. He gives me advice, asks how my day was, even lectures me on the wrongs i have done. For those few minutes, the connection to Jesus is so strong that I can barely move. Exiting that stage of thought is like waking up from a wonderful dream. You feel yourself coming around and fight dearly to stay in that dream.

In the end, I am still a person who thinks things through. I am fortunate that the lord reveals himself to me in this manner. Though I do not see him, I still believe.

I have not seen him, but I have heard him, and most definitely have felt his presence.

Have you felt Christ presence lately,

In his name I write,


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