WE ARE MESSENGERS concert – Macon, GA (04/19/18)

I was blessed tonight. I came to this concert wanting to hear a few of my favorite songs and ended up leaving with a revival. We Are Messengers aren’t just a band that makes good music; they are a band that oozes the Holy Spirit. From going into the crowd and praying with people to making eye contact with every single audience member, I am at awe at what God did on this night. Darren Mulligan rivals any pastor out there. I would travel miles and miles to hear him preach again.

You can find a link to their latest album here.

You can find the song above entitled My Victoryhere.

The night was also blessed by THE JJ WEEKS BAND and DAVID DUNN. I’ll have some highlights of their performance in the upcoming days as each performer did an amazing job and deserves the spotlight.

In the meanwhile, be blessed and walk with purpose for you are made perfectly by God.

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  1. I will 150% agree with You! I was at this concert. As a matter of fact he came off stage and prayed for me! He told me I didn’t always have to be strong, that I could let go, that is was in the Lord’s hands! What he didn’t know was I had just lost my dad the previous week. The tickets were given to me just the day before by my office manager because she had something come up. GOD knew I needed to be there! Darren spoke to me with the sweetest Irish accent, and I felt as if Jesus had his arms wrapped around me! This experience was more than you will ever get from church! And I’m proud to have had my daughter and dear friend experience this with me. Later the next day I went Darren a message on Facebook asking why of all the people at this event, Why Me? He said the Holy Spirit pointed me out to him. I will NEVER forget this moment! Watching your video still bring me chills! Cant wait for you to post more!

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    1. That is s awesome April and I will say this. When we was praying with you, my wife and kids were praying for you also. We were two rows behind you. God bless you April and Darren is right in that the Holy Spirit talks to us all. It’s just a matter of us listening and being obedient. I’ll be posting more videos and pics in the next couple of days. God bless you my sister in Christ.


  2. Thanks for posting my story. I’m very blessed and have tried sharing with as many people as possible. I was hoping I could share the joy and peace We Are Messengers gave me by taking my mom, sister and 2 daughters to the concert they are having in Rogersville TN on May 12th. Unfortunately, they are unable to go due to financial reasons. I pray that we will be able to find a way! I told them its something to experience. Life Changing! Hopefully we will be able to make it other wise hopefully they will come back somewhere closer. Lol still waiting on those other videos. No hurry though!

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