Christmas without loved ones.

I have always been blessed and fortunate to be around family on Christmas.  The family tradition is to stay up till midnight, open gifts and eat (again) and go to bed around 3 am.  As a kid, Christmas was always about what is under the Christmas tree.  As i get older Christmas is becoming more about who is around the Christmas tree with me (or at least who is on facetime on my ipad).

awe gif

The Christmas season of 2013 and 2014 were joyous because of all the family that was around us.  Guam and the Philippines were experiences we will never forget.  This year, things are a little quiet.  Family that i did have around me have all went to their in-laws for the holiday and from the looks of it, Christmas and New Years will be spent with just the wife and kids

This holiday season will be a great time to start a new tradition.  If you have any family traditions you would love to share, please feel free.  Regardless who is around this holiday season, the only thing that matters is that my Lord and Savior reigns above all.  Anytime the world is open to hearing his life, death, resurrection and future return is always a good thing in my eyes.

On a side note, I will be having limited computer access during the holidays, so most if not all posts until the New Years will be thru mobile.  Also, I will have limited access to email so will not be able to respond to prayer request until then.  Have a greet week and hope you got your Christmas shopping taken care off!  -PJSLB

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