Thought of the night 12/01/16

It’s been a good day with family. Yes, I was at work today but, I am blessed to be working at a place where I consider my coworkers to be family. Today, I witnessed my daughter cheer in two basketball games and enjoyed watching my youngest daughter play (if you call it that) soccer. I also got to spend time with the family eating dinner and watching The Voice.  Even saw a dog that may be perfect for the family. Just hope that she doesn’t get a reaction when they meet. 

Lord, I thank you for a beautiful day with those I love. These are the days that I love where I can be around the people you have blessed me with. I thank you for being able to watch my kids grow and watch the enjoyment in their eyes. I pray for safety for those I hold dear. I pray for my wife and kids. I even pray that when my youngest meets the new potential puppy that she doesn’t have an allergic reaction. You my my Lord and my savior. I Love You. In Jesus name, Amen PJSLB

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