How to pray during a hectic morning

Wow, what a morning it has been.  From waking up late, getting the kids ready, trying to find a jacket, morning meetings and now finally being able to turn on my computer….whew!!!!

How should i start my day?  I usually like starting my day with reflection and petition.  Now my day is well on its way.  I’ll start my day by saying All praise and honor goes to you Lord.  Regardless of how hectic my day is, continues or becomes, I pray lord that you be in the forefront of my mind.  May you be the reason for any decision i make.

I honestly was asking the questions “How to pray during a hectic morning” because i wanted to get your opinions and also because i felt out of touch.  Right now, I feel fine and myself again.  So in essence, I answered the question my self.  HOW TO PRAY DURING A HECTIC MORNING?  The answer is simple.  All you have to do is start and the words/thoughts will all come racing thru.

Have a good day and be a blessing to someone today. – PJSLB


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