I’m holding on Lord for the bumpy ride ahead

They say that the Lord works in mysterious ways. I would like to add that the Lord adds amusement in his ways. On Saturday, I had one of the most frustrating days in a long time. I was down, distraught, and confused. I started to question what I thought was my blessing and shouted at the top of my lungs “save me lord!”  Suddenly, an opportunity presented itself and I quickly jumped at it. I was happy, I was excited and I thanked the lord for being able to look forward to something again. 

Then something weird happened…the cause of the pain and frustration suddenly became a source of inspiration. I am sacrificing but again I felt like this is where I am suppose to be. But, what do I do now? I am happy where I am but what do I do now for the new doors that will be opening? Now all I can do is keep my eyes fixated on the lord above and hold on for what will be an exciting ride. 

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