Philippine Airline – Guam to Manila




First, Guam is an island filled with culture and friendliness. The sign at the departure gate says it all. A Philippine airlines flight with Russian subtitles on the bottom. Tourist from South Korea, China, Japan, Russia, Australia, the Philippines, etc. all come to this tiny island for some of the worlds best beaches, sunset, shopping, and people. I have absolutely fallen in love with this island in the past year.

The plane itself was like a plane from past years. It was like stepping into a time machine. This airline must have seen a checklist with the ‘minimum requirements’ to fly in the USA and made sure to meet only what is required. I haven’t been on plane that didn’t have any monitors in quite sometime. The dividing wall between first class and economy so the seats just go on and go on. Quite a few seats were not able to recline. As I said, the plane itself was just the bare minimum.

On the plus side (my parents always told me to look for the positives), food was absolutely delicious. Chicken in soy sauce and mushrooms with garlic rice. Though, It would of been nice if I was offered more than one class of water. The Ebola questionnaire was a little unnerving. More to come as I am writing this on my phone. Excuse the grammatical errors.

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