Paradise With Family And Friends

Note:  These are all no filter pics.  Such a beautiful island.



I have been living on Guam for a little more than a year and it has finally grown on me.  For the past year all I have been doing to complaining about what Guam doesnt have.  I complain about the things i cannot do here when in fact i should be focusing on what i can be doing.  I love Georgia (still cannot wait to get back) but there is no way i can experience all this back there.  As i was laying in the crystal clear water (7 hour), I finally am enjoying Guam for what it is.  With the clock ticking on our time to head back to Georgia, I found out my love for this island just in the nick of time.  Its time to look at Guam with a new pair of lenses and enjoy paradise. Its amazing how God can place you in such a beautiful place and yet you do not see it. FYI, The sunsets on Guam is evidence that God can make the most beautiful scenery!

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