On heavens doorstep, waiting to enter

I am in a place were everyone seeks the peace and comfort that only our lord and savior Jesus can bring. It is a section in the hospital were patients are kept comfortably until their time is called upon by our God. I am in the transitional wing at the medical center.

A very good family friend, Tony has been battling lung cancer for a very long time. This past week, he suffered a stroke and landed in the hospital. They have also found 4 small spots on his brain. He can no longer eat anything. The doctors says that it’s a matter of time.

As a friend of his, I am struggling dealing with this. I always think about the laughter Tony has brought my wife and I. He has been a tremendous friend, and someone who can make you laugh at any given time. This also reminds meow my parents. I miss them dearly. I thank you lord for their health. I thank you lord for the love the have for each other.

If I am struggling this much, I can only imagine how his family feels. Tony’s passing can be at any second. They are such a loving family, I pray lord that you continue to strengthen them.

Lord, I pray for peace and comfort for all family and friends of Tony. Send the peace that only the holy spirit can bring. These are trying times when the minuets seems like hours, hours seems like days, days like years, and years are forever. The angst and anxiousness with each passing second is unbearable. The peace that only you lord can bring is what we need at this moment.

In Jesus name I pray!



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