Merry christmas

Christian Christmas Music Day 3

***Until Christmas Day, I will be highlighting one song that defines Christmas for me and my family. Hopefully, some of these songs will be an inspiration to you and your family as well.

Day 3 – Celine Dion – THE VOICE of my generation.

These Are Special Times  Song – O Holy Night


No one sings like Celine Dion.  NO ONE!  Not just this track but this album is a must own. Just look at the 5 million plus copies it has already sold.  I may not know anything about you and where your from and what your circumstances are BUT i do know what will give a Christian goosebumps and this song is that.  Fast forward 3:15 into the song to hear Ms. Dion belt out Christ is the Lord; Then ever ever praise we…noel will be the most beautiful sung line you will hear this WHOLE Christmas season.

The season of telling our Lord’s story is in full swing! -PJSLB

10 thoughts on “Christian Christmas Music Day 3

  1. we all need to talk to the heart, and at Christmas time, those songs remind us,we are not alone. A friend lost her best friend of many years, and father of wonder to their children, he’s not gone, just watching her from another direction, amen


    1. Amen! And may the peace and understanding that only the Lord can bring come to your friend and his family. Merry Christmas to you and to all around you. Keep writing and allow the Holy Spirit to work thru your words.

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