Flying to Japan…a journal 14 hours in the making

Sorry in advance for the grammar mistakes spelling. Its hard to type while in a plane that is dimly lit.

Starting July 28, 2011 1:45 pm Atlanta

14 hours left in flight
Flying to Japan and then off to Manila for a trip that will serve as a taste of how life is going to be from here on out. Since i was a child a visit to the philippines would be for at least a month and filled with tennis, family, and friends. By the time my vacation was over, i would dread heading back to Guam. That is certainly not the case anymore. No longer are my stays in the philippines a month but rather a few days (11 this time around). My mind is filled with all this information for the countless of meetings to take place instead of shopping for myself, i am more worried about buying stuff for my wife and kids. Speaking of wife and kids, i already miss them dearly.I no longer dread leaving the Philippines, I dread leaving my family for one second. I thank you lord that you have blessed me with such a wonderful wife, family, and friends. I definitely have to add friends in that praise to our lord. A brother from the fraternity (Donavan) drove me to the airport just because I needed a ride. I continuously am in awe at how much the fraternity helps each other.

Captain,says that we will be arriving about an hour plus early, bringing us to Japan in about 12 hours. It’s amazing how much more comfortable flying long distance is now as opposed to just 5 years ago. From the second the flight took off we all had personal access to od demand movies, direct tv, and xm radio. Forget the fact that each seat has a charging station for laptops and electronic devices; not that you will need your laptop outfit this 12 hour flight. As I am typing this I have already mapped out my viewing entertainment for the duration of the flight. I will be starting out with sucker punch followed by diary of a wimpy kid and top top if off a couple of episodes of Glee. That in itself will take me to about 6 hours. Also a word on headphones (need to kill time on this plane); if you are going to get a new pair of headphones anytime soon, I would direly recommend ibeats. Besides the great quality of the sound, the noise cancellation is terrific especially on a plane.

Update 1 (10 hours 11 mins left)
Sucker punch is a very confusing movie but once you get into it is very good. Action is very good but has nothing to do with the plot of story (from what i can tell.) We are just north of Manitoba, Canada. Good quote from the movie,” if you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything.” “don’t write a check with your mouth that your ass can’t cover.”

Time not checked.
Movie just got really good. Think I’m going to keep this on Netflix as I’m sure jhen would want to see it. Trippy movie that started out weird and then got bearable and finally amazing (story wise). Gonna now watch diary or a wimpy kid. I dont know how much longer left in the flight (trying not to pay attention to time) but I a, sure glad for these on demand movies. I don’t have to worry about battery on my iPad cause of the USB charger in the plane. Let’s see how good diary or a wimpy kid is.

First scene of diary of a wimpy kid 2 was actually pretty funny. Don’t know how much more of it I will watch but it’s definitely good. Too much of a kid movie for this flight though.

First bad thing of thing of this flight is that there are about 60 seats with entertainment systems that do not work so they keep trying to reboot the system. The bad part is that every time they reboot the system we have to wait about 25 mins to watch again. This has now happened twice, definitely gonna complain about this. I’m just sitting in the premium seats section; I can imagine how the first class people feel. Imagine spending all that money and you can’t even adjust your seat!

System finally is up again. Not really interested in starting diary of a wimpy kid 2 again. Will now try red riding hood. Hope this is good. Of course as soon as I write this the system goes out again! This is getting ridiculous. If this continues to reboot, i may have to take out my mac to kill time. I can’t believe I could have chosen any song to listen to right now and I choose the fresh beat band (here we go). It’s actually a good song. Better than having to hear Dora everyday at the house.

Killing time waiting for the system to kick in watching the godfather on the iPad. It amazes me than I still get hyped up within the first 5 mins of this movie “when was the last time you invited me to your home for coffee!”. Priceless!

Update 2 (8 hours 12 minutes)
Looks like they finally have the monitor situation taken cared off. Hopefully, I can now watch red riding hood. Time certainly is flying at the moment. Man you can tell the director is this movie I’d the same person who did twilight. It looks and feels like a twilight movie.

Oh gosh, this really is like twilight. Definitely have to keep this on the Netflix queue. Jhen is gonna want to watch this. Pretty much substitute a vampire for a wolf. Girl in love with a boy she can’t marry, girl is promised to another guy, first guy says to girl she has to go thru with the arranged marriage…yup if this was back home, I would probably be asleep while jhen is at the edge of her seat.

Oh my goodness, this movie is making me want to watch godfather on my iPad. Probably would be a good thing to save that for the Narita Philippines route. ” a man bitten is a man cursed.” gosh can you just say twilight already.

Hate to say it but this movie got very interesting…must be the air that they are pumping in the plane. So who is the wolf? I never understood why someone would be on team Jacob in twilight; you know the underdog in a story but I’m sure for the underdog in red riding hood…go team Henry! Lol. Still…whose the freakin wolf! Crap…He’s the wolf! I won’t say who cause jhen will read this and I do t want to ruin the movie. Gosh, movie just ended…it really was like twilight.


Update 3 (6 hours 21 mins left)
Wow time is really flying. Pretty cool. Thank you for that lord. Hangover is hilarious. I’m having a hard time laughing quietly. Lol. I pray lord that the girls are doing okay.

This movie is super funny! I am laughing out loud in a 777 plane. Don’t know how much longer we have left. I did see that we were around central Alaska.

Three movies in and I saw that were were somewhere across the bearing sea. Reminds me of the deadliest catch. How funny was the hangover. These movies are really doing there job killing time. I’m going to have to watch all these movies again with jhen. My cousin (Noel) and I should have watched this before going to Vegas.

Update 4 (5 hours 2 mins left)
It’s 10:00 already where the family is. I miss them. I miss my girls. These movies are making the time go by so fast. Going to watch takers now. Hope this moving keeps my interest like the other 3 did. I should take a nap. Takers really catching my attention. That is definitely a jhen movie. Oh well, let’s try slum dog millionaire. This is a movie I always wanted to see (I think).

Slum dog seems like a good movie but the pace of the movie doesn’t fit the pace of the plane. Speaking of the the pace of the plane, it’s still sunlight outside. Man, that is going to throw me for a loop. Gonna try to watch eat, pray, love with Julia Roberts. Still can’t watch a movie. Im going to try the tv shows and take a nap.

Update 5 (1 hour 55 mins left)
Well book of Eli certainly did it’s job in killing time. What a good movie and I still have about 20 mins to go. It’s about 12:49 now in Macon. I pray that jhen didn’t have a hard time putting the kids to sleep. Please watch over them lord. This will be my last entry for the duration of the flight. Next entry will be in either Tokyo or in the plane heading to Manila.

In Jesus name I write,


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